Tuesday 13rd & Wednesday 14th, June 2017

FIRST DAY :  13th June, 2017

Prologue and Welcome |Paul Boshears, Franziska Morlok, Lionel Ruffel, Bernd Scherer and Danny Snelson

First session : SITES |Manuel Bürger, David Desrimais, Margeret Hillenbrand, Olivier Marboeuf, Jakob Nolte and Lionel Ruffel.
Moderated by Lionel Ruffel (Université Paris 8)

Second session : PROTOCOLS | Miriam Rasch, Danny Snelson, Marcello Vitali-Rosati and Gregor Weichbrodt.
Moderated by Christiane Frohmann (publisher)

Literary Salon | Camille de Toledo (writer), reading of Every-where 


SECOND DAY : 14th June, 2017

Prologue |François Bon (writer) Formes d’une guerre, Ingo Niermann (writer) Literature and Concentration and Mara Genschel (writer) Bibliothek Dilletantisme

Third session : ATTENTION | Vincent Broqua, Hanna Engelmeier, Mathias Gatza, Hanna Kuusela, Ingo Niermann, Olga von Schubert and Elena Vogman.
Moderated by Olga von Schubert (HKW, arts and research manager)

Fourth session: IMAGINARIES | Hannes Bajohr, Francois Bon, Geert Lovink, Lionel Ruffel and Felwine Sarr

Radio Brouhaha | Radio show with David Desrimais, Mara Genschel, Jan-Niklas Howe, Ho Tzu Nyen, Felwine Sarr, Binyavanga Wainaina and Caleb Waldorf.

> Counter-Publishing Spheres featuring Felwine Sarr & Binyavanga Wainaina, moderated by Paul Boshears 
Literature Inside and Outside the Book featuring Mara Genschel, Ho Tzu Nyen & David Desrimais, moderated by Tobias Haberkorn
> The Imperative of Creativity and Design featuring Jan-Niklas Howe & Caleb Waldorf, moderated by Jamie Allen

Literature, in the contemporary moment, is characterized by the multiplication and  diversification of its modes of publication: books, performances, readings, salons,
groups, and various digital spaces. Radio Brouhaha articulates the difference between a literature-silence, typified by print, and a literature-brouhaha (of which exhibitions, performances, in situ activations, and multimedia artifacts are examples). Because radio as a medium has thrived with the mutations presented by the digital era and because radio is becoming increasingly essential for the creation and diffusion of literature outside the medium of books, Radio Brouhaha produces live programs from sites of research and creation.
Radio Brouhaha is hosted by the webradio r22 Tout-Monde.

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